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childrens ministry


Lead people in a growing & wider relationship with Jesus Christ.

Experience heartfelt worship, good friends and a refreshing look into God’s Word in a comfortable, casual setting. Capitol City Baptist Church is committed to coming alongside families and singles in their walk with Christ.

We are a community that follows Jesus. We’d love for you to join us.



At Capitol City Baptist Church, we believe the sole purpose of the church is to see people saved and grow in their relationship with God. Because of that, we take the preaching of God’s Word very seriously. You will find our services are filled with God honoring music that focuses on the hymns followed by a message from the Word of God. Our messages by our pastor are 35-45 minute expository messages that take us verse by verse through a book of the Bible. This results in the church getting taught the whole counsel of God instead of a pastor’s hobby horse.


The men’s group meets on the first Saturday of the month at 8:00 AM at the church for a time of prayer and encouragement from God’s Word.  Afterwards, we meet in our fellowship hall for a time of food and fellowship.


You will find that many of the churches of today have turned church into a time of entertainment instead of a time to stand against sin and challenges individuals to live for God. As a result, the music of today has drifted away from being God honoring songs sung from the heart to a performance conducted by a band/team on a platform.

At Capitol City Baptist, we have a desire to honor God through music that puts Him first. We worship God through the use of hymns and some modern choruses. We do not use modern contemporary music or praise bands in our services. We have found that hymns can be just as enjoyable as any other form of music if it is sung from the heart. Our desire for our song service is to worship God and when we make the song service about Him, the hymns can be a great encouragement to us as Christians.

Our services are lead by a song leader who is accompanied by our piano player (along with the possibility of a flute, clarinet, violin, etc)

We desire to see those in our church that God has gifted with a musical talent use that ability in special music during our worship services.


“FFF” stands for Family, Fun, and Fellowship. Once a month the church gathers together in the gymnasium for a time of games and fun. Activities may range from basketball, volleyball, and a time for the kids to run and play.


Our Capitol City Baptist Ladies Group meets once a month in one of our ladies homes.  During these meeting we have a refreshing devotional designed to encourage and motivate us in our daily Christian walk.  We fellowship over a light snack, plan activities, and think of ways we can help our church as a group.  The upcoming meeting location is posted in the church bulletin, or you can contact the church office.

Once a year, our ladies group get together for an overnight retreat. This event is designed to help our ladies draw closer to God through encouraging devotions. We also draw closer to each other through conversation, games, and crafts.


Capitol City Baptist Church has a vision to see our young adults grow in their relationship with the Lord. We understand that the needs are different for each and every group based on what stage they are at in life. Because of that, our desire is to use the young adults class as a help to those in their 20’s and 30’s have a marriage that is pleasing to the Lord. The lessons are taught by one of our young adult staff members that focuses the lessons towards the needs of families with young children. We also use the class to see to the needs of the single adults in the church.


We have been greatly blessed of God to be able for these past 42 years to be used of Him in deaf ministry. Many souls have been saved, many are in the service of our Lord and many more wonderful years of service and enjoying the fellowship of our loving deaf group.

It is our hearts’ desire to be used of God to win the deaf to Christ and see them blessed in His service.

We welcome you to come and join with us in worship and learning God’s word in the chapel for the deaf. All services are preached by our deaf pastor in sign language, and uses visual aids to assist with your learning God’s Word.

God blessed Capitol City Baptist Church in April of 2019 with a pastor for deaf ministry that is a deaf man along with his wife who is hearing. Growing up in Dewitt, MI, Pastor James Liebrecht is a Michigan native who has a heart to see the deaf come to know Jesus as their Savior.