Homeschool Program

Build Your Foundation on Solid Rock

Our mission is to serve homeschooling families by providing opportunity. Our vision is to provide a one stop shop of support to homeschooling families. Offering access to high quality academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities in an environment that promotes Christian character. We can offer access to academic and sports facilities for those families interested in a more interactive homeschooling experience.

We use Alpha Omega SwitchedOn OnLine for students who are involved in a more traditional home school program as a supplement or even as their core curriculum. Students on campus may use this to take electives that we are unable to offer within the school, to fulfill partial credits for those transferring from another school, and to make up credits that students have failed previously. We will use it for Summer School classes as well. A full range of classes are available from SwitchedOn OnLine: from core classes of English, Mathematics, History and Science, to Foreign Languages, Health, specialized Literature and History topics, GED preparatory classes and a College Planner.