A Walk Through Revelation

Simply Put (Part 13)

Revelation 1:1-2

The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John: Who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he saw.


(Simply Put)

The word revelation means to reveal or disclose. In a special sense, the book of Revelation is meant to reveal vital issues to the New Testament Church—the end-time Church in particular—about end-time events. God does not want us to be ignorant about the future. God has always wanted people to be informed, aware, and warned about future difficulties. Throughout the history of Israel, He sent prophets to warn His people about future impending doom. It has always been God’s purpose to steer people away from calamity and towards His provision and blessing. In this series we will discover the information in Revelation in a way that is "Simply Put".


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(Revelation 17:1-6)

I.                    A Call to Come See the Judgment. (1, 2)

a.       John is beckoned by one of the seven angels with the vials to come and see the judgement of the false religious system which is over the nations of the world.

b.      The governments of the earth have entered into a relationship with this false religious system.

c.       The inhabitants of the earth have received and entered into a false worship and              grave immoral tolerance of rebellion against God.

d.      This one world system of religion mixed with government has corrupted every fiber of humanity and taken even beyond the sins of Sodom.

II.                  A Colorful Description of Corrupt Church/Government. (3, 4)

a.       John is taken away into a place of depraved staging and what he sees is the woman and the beast.

b.      There are four woman mentioned in the book of Revelation, Jezebel, the Bride, Israel and the Great Whore.

c.       The Mystery of this Great Whore starts back at the Tower of Babble founded by Nimrod, who had a wife and a son Tamuz who was said to be killed by an animal                 and resurrected. Babylon was a significant city 3000 years before Christ and started the worship of Bale dedicated to Tamuz. The Chief Priest had a Fish Head Bonnet as their head gear worshiping the Fish god. The Title was Pontiff          lending to keeper of the bridge.

d.      The One world government symbolized by the beast was corrupt and murderous of anyone and anything which might lean towards good. It was the revised Roman Empire.

III.                A Concept of False and Humanistic Philosophy. (5, 6)

a.       This concept of a religious system mixed with government is according to evil not righteousness.

b.      It is built upon a satanic and humanist philosophy which builds up the importance of man and what he wants rather than the righteousness of God.

c.       It is guilty of shedding innocent blood over the ages to include the death of Jesus Christ for sins.

d.      This is a concept of understanding the increase of man and his ability instead of                the understanding of God, calling true religion a superstition.



(Revelation 17:7-13)


I.                    A Religious Picture of Past, Present and Future. (7, 8)

a.       The angel asks John why he is amazed at what he is seeing, for the angel will reveal to him the secret of the woman.

b.      He can speak also of the beast that carries or supports her false immoral doctrines.

c.       The beast has always been around since creation, is not in charge now but will during the time of tribulation and will end up in ruin.

d.      There will be great confusion by those who do not believe in God, and so it has been since creation to be led astray by a false humanistic religion and         government void of God.

II.                  A Political Picture of Past, Present and Future. (9-11)

a.       The seven hills, seven heads represent rulers of Rome, some have come and gone in John's time, one is and some yet to come.

b.      This false religion which started by Nimrods family continued down through the ages.

c.       The eighth ruler is none other than, the manifestation of Satan himself who has had an influence with each of the previous seven.

d.      He will rise to power in the tribulation and lead the world into judgment and destruction.

III.                A Wicked Collision Global Authority in the Future. (12, 13)

a.       The ten horns are ten kings who are not at this time but will come during the tribulation.

b.      These ten are over nations and will come together during the reign of the beast               in an ungodly collision.

c.       They will come together and support the beast placing their authority, power and military might in his control.

d.      They will ultimately bring together the armies of the world that will try to stand against the armies of the Lamb which they have held contempt for all during the tribulation.




(Revelation 17:14-18)


I.                    The War Against the Lamb. (14)

a.       This collision of the world armies will make war with the Lamb; however the battle will be a decisive victory by the Lamb. Those who are with the Lamb are comprised of the called, the chosen and the faithful for He is the King of Kingsnand Lord of Lords.

b.      This war will start with an attack against those that believe here on the earth, persecuted by the false church and satanic government.

c.       Ultimately the beast and his government will destroy this harlot church and be anti-religion totally.

d.      Finally at Jesus Christ, the Lambs return they will try to fight and fail miserably in that horrendous war with Christ, Himself.

II.                  The Destruction of the Whore. (15, 16)

a.       The angel speaks again unto John and tells him about the vision that he is viewing.

b.      The waters which the whore is sitting are a representation of the people and nations and languages on the earth.

c.       The ten horns which make up the ten united nations of the world will grow to hate this false religious system.

d.      They will join together and destroy the whore and she will not be, nor will there               be any sign of her existence.

III.                The Fulfillment of God's Will. (17, 18)

a.       Government rise and fall according to God's will not the will of man; man can influence that by their state of righteousness and depravity. In other words we get what we deserve.

b.      God has put into the hearts of these wicked nations what they will do to              accomplish His will in these days.

c.       This woman is as already described is an organization that has had great influence over the governments of the world.

d.      There has been steps from the garden through the tribulation to pervert the worship of God by His creation namely mankind. It will all come to destruction and ultimately there will be only one true God celebrated and worshiped for    eternity.



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