The Gospel Ship, a Non-Profit Corporation of the State of Michigan, was formed to assist churches in a organized, biblical and guided presentation of the Gospel message. It has been observed that pictures, analogies such as was used by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ are beneficial in teaching individuals and groups about their need for God in their life. Also the most important need for a real relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ as our personal Savior.

gospel ship

The Gospel Ship campaign is a three part operation incorporating the whole church body in preparation, outreach and discipleship.

Part one, “Operation Ship Shape”, is designed to prepare the ministry for new members.
Part two, “Operation Launch”, is designed to help the members be more engaged in reaching new people.
Part three, “Operation Navigation”, is designed to assist the body in growing spiritually.

Story of the Gospel Ship A Vessel of Deliverance

The message is as old as time itself, a vessel of deliverance from the port of mortality to the shores of eternity. A divine ship empowered by the three mighty masts symbolizing the presence of the Trinity.

The Main Mast representing the personage of the Father, Its sails displaying His position and purpose. He is the Great Creator and Sustainer of the entire universe. He provides all our needs and protects us from all the storms of life, for He is the Almighty God.

The Mast to the right of the Father is His Son, sent to earth born of a virgin to be very God and Man. Born to die on the cross of Calvary for the sins of all the souls in the world. He not only died for our sins but rose victorious over the grave, sin and its penalty. Asking for Forgiveness through our Faith in His mighty work, we are redeemed for all eternity. Some day this very same Son of God will come back for the Rapture of His church and presenting of it blameless before His Father.

The Third Mast representing the Holy Spirit empowering us on our life's journey beginning immediately upon booking passage and continuing until our arrival at our eternal destination. He fills us with the Love of God, which brings with it Peace and Joy in the midst of seas calm and tumultuous.

We learn to patiently sail along with Goodness in our mission, and humbly submitting to the authority of the ship's Captain for the entire voyage. It is important for us to understand, the boarding of this Gospel Ship requires, the receiving of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, submitting Soul to His Redemption and Body to His Lordship. Repenting of our own control in life and allowing the Mentoring of the Spirit of God to us, by the Quickening of our Spirit in that act of Salvation.

The Product List

  • Gospel Ship Church Campaign Basic Kit - $199
    (Includes 1-18 x 24 Print, 1-24 x 36 Print, 500 Gospel Ship Tracts, 1-Campaign outline, three parts)
  • Gospel Ship Church Campaign Advanced Kit - $299
    (Includes 1-18 x 24 Print, 1-24 x 36 Print, 1000 Gospel Ship Tracts, 1 Campaign outline, three parts, 1 12ft x 4ft Banner)
  • Individual 18 x 24 Prints of the Gospel Ship and the Gospel Ship Story suitable for framing - $35
  • Individual 24 x 36 Prints of the Gospel Ship and the Gospel Ship Story suitable for framing - $55
  • Individual packages of The Gospel Ship Tract, qty 500 w/o church info - $50
  • Individual packages of The Gospel Ship Tract, qty 1000 w/o church info - $100

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